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Stopping termite destruction

Unfortunately whether you have moved into a brand new home or an established home if you live in a known termite area – your house could be attacked by termites. Because their attack is or could be quite subtle you can be unaware that anything is happening until it is too late. Termite control in Sydney is one way you can deal with the issue and is one pest control service you should consider. Thankfully these days there are a few ways you can control termites in Sydney by using pest control services from Forensic Pest Control.

As a home owner it’s a good idea to start a termite management plan as soon as you move into your new home – arrange a termite control Sydney pest inspection from Forensic Pest Control. Where possible it’s a good idea to have a termite inspection carried out at least once a year – this is to help you avoid a termite infestation. If you are having a new home built ensure all the materials used in construction are termite proof. It is also very important to know that termites in general will follow a food source – this is an interest in damp and soft wood – if there is none in your area – they won’t be interested in looking to your home for food.

Don’t store wood under your house, don’t use wooden sleepers as garden beds (unless treated) that are close to your home, and try and keep areas free from damp and moisture. Forensic Pest Control can offer tips and advice on any areas in and around your home that may be of interest to termites.

While do it yourself termite control in Sydney is good, it is also important to call in licensed and professional pest control technicians from Forensic Pest Control – they have all the tools and techniques for effective termite control in Sydney and they can provide termite treatments in those hard to reach places. Visit at http://www.forensicpestcontrol.com.au/

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Sydney Termite Control


Keeping on top of termite control is part of ongoing maintenance and damage protection. Investing in termite control is never a poor choice, and can save you from exorbitant reconstruction bills. As termites eat through woods, granites and other fillings long before structural damage is apparent, it is important to use prevention rather than a delayed cure.


Termites work in teams to achieve cohesive colonies with roots deep in walls and foundations. Professional control will include the use of a maintenance plan and pesticides to flush termite colonies out from these places. Leaving a handful of termites behind after extermination means that the insects can repopulate and recolonise in your Sydney home.


Forensic Pest Control has subject matter experts and technicians who understand how each type of insect works. We publish information to the public on how to keep tight termite control mechanisms in place, but often professional help is needed. At that point, it’s best to call in a service as soon as possible. Our convenient scheduling options will cater for your business schedule in order to protect your home and drive out a particularly nasty infestation.


Radical physical alterations in successive generations of termites can render your standard termite control in Sydney useless. Older pesticides, traps and baits are only as good as the time they were invented in, and as the masters of mutation, termites and other insects quickly adapt around them.


Professional termite control is more than standardised treatments applied to corners and obvious nooks. It is about maintenance and damage protection on a full scale. A full process of inspection, extermination and maintenance is required to achieve full extinction of colonies and the removal of generations of termites from your home. Our customers are always complimentary of our experts in their proactive service in achieving termite control.


With termite colonies eating through woods, granites and other fillings long before structural damage is evident, it is important to get on top of termite control immediately, whether you’re in an industrial or residential zone. Termites establish cohesive colonies with roots deep in walls and foundations of factories, houses and buildings.


Having a wealth of experience in extermination, Forensic Pest Control can offer the latest in  information and consulting on how to keep tight termite control mechanisms. We are professional help who can offer quick servicing and fast action against destructive termite colonies. Our experts understand pest behaviour and can eradicate an entire colony completely, removing chances of mutation and adaption.


With an unbridled reputation for combating destruction dealt by termite breeding and contamination, we can help you get the latest information in the termite control industry. A full process of inspection, extermination and maintenance is required to achieve full extinction of colonies. We can establish proper follow up procedures for you to ensure your home is termite-unfriendly. Visit at http://www.forensicpestcontrol.com.au/.


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Pest control


For many people due to the economy they are opting to do their own pest control in Sydney rather than calling in the professionals from Forensic Pest Control. D.I.Y can include baits and sprays bought from supermarkets and hardware stores. While you can do it yourself at home you need to ask yourself are these methods better than calling in the professionals from Forensic Pest Control?


When it comes to pest control in Sydney there are always pros and cons – professional pest control or D.I.Y? You need to decide for yourself. Professional pest control in Sydney can deal with problems far better than you can. Forensic Pest Control has the skills and knowledge to deal with pests faster and more effectively than you can. Of course D.I.Y can be a lot cheaper, although in the long run, the treatments don’t last as long which means you will be buying more treatments which will cost you more.


When it comes to D.I.Y Pest control if you only have a small problem it can be beneficial to deal with the problem yourself but remember that those over the counter products may still not be as effective as the non toxic and environmentally friendly products used by Forensic Pest Control. Visit at http://www.forensicpestcontrol.com.au/

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Professional termite control

Professional termite control


It’s very rare to see termites *tracking* or walking across the ground, especially without the mud tracks as termites tend to travel underground – this means you don’t *see* them until they have actually entered your home. Unfortunately termites can travel up to 50 meters from their nesting locations which mean they can attack your house while having a nest next door – in your neighbour’s property.


Termites travel in tunnels in the soil looking for water and food sources, you may find a small tunnel of mud on the wall of your house or on timber fence posts or on posts that support decks etc. Termites use these tunnels for protection when they leave the safety of their underground tunnels.


When termites are not in tunnels they are vulnerable to attack. Termite pest control in Sydney from Forensic Pest Control is your best defense when it comes to protecting your home from a termite attack. The termite’s biggest enemy is actually the common ant! If ants can get into a termite tunnel they will literally pick up the termites and walk off with them for dinner. It is for this reason termite tunnels are their defense. If a tunnel is attacked they will abandon the area to ensure the colony remains safe.


This is why it’s very important that, if you do find traces of termites you call Forensic Pest Control immediately – termite pest control in Sydney is important and Forensic Pest Control have the treatment that has been designed to travel with the termites all the way back to the nest. Forensic Pest Control use non toxic and environmentally friendly treatments that are safe for you and your family and pets, but lethal to termites.


Termite control in Sydney by Forensic Pest Control can be done wherever termites are found – in garden edging, fences, retaining walls, dead tree stumps or mature trees. Sometimes Termites can even be found in wooden crates and inside furniture. If you find termites – don’t wait, call Forensic Pest Control today – you never know when a termite nest will work its way into your home. Visit at http://www.forensicpestcontrol.com.au/